Relocation Drive Photos

My adventure of a lifetime had to come with pictures! Important note: before there was the Traveling Gnome of Travelocity fame, there was PuppyHead. He is a stuffed animal that travels wherever we go. This is why he appears in some of these pictures.  As for the old friends, I am getting their permission to post their photos here.  Another note: we can't get the thumbnails to work, but you can click the placeholders to see the pictures.

My old Jersey home

This is me back in Hawthorne, NJ a few years ago. Like the license plate???

The Jersey Shore

I have been to a few places down the beaches of New Jersey (to locals, the Jersey Shore.) This picture is at Sandy Hook.

Bunny Bread?

I like funny signs. Having been to Chicago so little, this seemed like a cute regional thing.

WI friend's kitty

Jing Ming, aka. Ming the Merciless or Mingaling.

Monticello, MN

Trust me, this is PuppyHead outside of a Perkins in Monticello, MN.

Anandale, MN

This is a big deal to a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan. To most people it's an exit sign on interstate 94.

Camera ghost

See the camera I used in an attempt to capture a nice scene.

Can you mingle in Fingal?

Another MST3K inside joke. At least you can see I was going West.

Metal sculpture

I think this was in ND.

Bismarck, ND

Sorry Bismarck residents, I didn't get to see anything interesting there in my brief overnight stay. At least I was able to prove PuppyHead was there thanks to a Local Forecast from the Weather Channel.

Bozeman, MT

Carries great significance in the Star Trek universe. Otherwise, it's just a cute little town in MT.

Home on the Range, MT

Yes, there really is a town by that name

Crack the Big Sky

My first experience with Big Sky Country.

Painted Mountains

Not sure how that red tint is formed but it's really cool.

More Big Sky

Glorious, eh?

Rock formations

There were so many nice rock formations, I tried to just capture the best.

Approaching sunset

Surround Stone

More rock formations.

Sunset in MT

The sunset I chased.

Nice digs

PuppyHead likes his new place.

Welcome Home

This still brings a tear to my eye as it did my wife when I emailed this promise of a beautiful place to live when she joined me two weeks later.